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Lauren counts herself lucky—she has a steady job at a large company, and her employer provides health insurance. There’s just one catch: the only plan offered by her company has a very high deductible of $3,500. In insurance-speak, this is called a high-deductible health plan, or HDHP. Last year, 46% of Americans with employment-based insurance… Read More

Yesterday evening, I was flying home to my family and I passed through a TSA security checkpoint. As I handed the agent my ID, I tried to be especially grateful and appreciative, because this agent will be going home this weekend without a paycheck. The current shutdown of the federal government has left over 800,000… Read More

Living in San Francisco, I’m inundated with technology startups at every turn. I mean this in the literal sense, as the Northern Californian GoodRx office is located across the park from Dropbox, down the street from Pinterest, and smack in the middle between Airbnb and LinkedIn. I’ll often discover college friends or past acquaintances now… Read More

When you use GoodRx to pay for a prescription, you are choosing to pay without insurance. But you can ask your insurer to reimburse you or to apply your purchase against your deductible. Here’s how to apply a payment made with a GoodRx coupon to your insurance deductible.     Nearly half of Americans now… Read More

High-deductible health plans (HDHPs), those that require members to spend a large amount before they see any help from their insurance, are becoming the norm. In 2009, about 7% of large employers in the US offered only high-deductible plans. That percentage has more than quadrupled to 39% today. But just because HDHPs are becoming the… Read More

This year alone, we saved Americans $3.8 billion on their prescription medications. We also connected with our users in more ways than before by revamping the GoodRx blog, hosting events and featuring real-life stories from customers—like you! With 2018 drawing to a close, we look back at some memorable tweets that remind us why we… Read More

2018 has been the year of drug prices. From the new ban on pharmacist gag clauses, to new proposed rules surrounding drug commercials, drug prices have been in the news and in the public eye. But despite the headlines, outrage and new policies, prices continued to climb in 2018. According to a GoodRx analysis, from… Read More

Hi, I’m Doug. I co-founded GoodRx, a company that helps more than 10 million Americans save on their prescriptions every month. While many people find drug and medical prices confusing, I don’t—because I’ve spent the last eight years studying drug prices and I’ve got a team of 120 experts and gobs of data to help… Read More

When we hear about pets being blind or having diabetes, we tend to tilt our heads and think, “Yeah, I guess that makes sense.” But beyond the common health conditions we share with our furry friends, there are still plenty of pet illnesses that we know very little about. Theo, an adorable 2-year-old tabby cat,… Read More

GoodRx is thrilled to work with The Kroger Co. in the launch of the The Kroger Rx Savings Club, which will help patients save as much as 100% on prescription drugs. The Club will provide exclusive access to discounts on some of the most popular generic medications in the US, including drugs for diabetes, asthma,… Read More