Packing for a long trip or vacation can be stressful, and having to bring medicine with you only makes things more complicated. This is especially true if you are diabetic and rely on insulin to control your blood sugar levels—it can be hard to figure out exactly how much to bring and the right way… Read More

Swelling, or edema, in the legs is a common side effect of medications. Either the medication is the primary cause of the swelling, or it’s making already swollen legs worse. If you notice that your shoes are tight or that you have puffy legs, consider when the swelling began and whether your medication is the… Read More

For a large portion of Americans, a simple bee sting or a peanut can cause a fatal allergic reaction called anaphylaxis. Fortunately, in most cases, these symptoms can be treated by a shot to the leg with an epinephrine auto-injector. Unfortunately, one of the most popular auto-injectors,  , costs around $630 for a pack of… Read More

That’s what many people think, but it isn’t always the case—not even close. Many expensive drugs for treating ailments from arthritis to depression have more affordable alternatives, and those cheaper options often have fewer side effects. In 2013, pharmacy benefits manager Express Scripts estimated that the United States wasted $55.8 billion on high-priced medications when more… Read More