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National Pet Day (April 11, 2019) is a great reminder to appreciate our pets and prioritize their health. But for many, healthcare for pets can be a financial burden, especially considering that current pet health insurance options don’t cover pre-existing conditions and often don’t cover expensive medications. Fortunately, if you need help affording your pet’s… Read More

We’re thrilled to be named a finalist for the Best Health Website Webby Award! The Webbys are considered the biggest honors on the internet; these annual awards recognize the companies, projects, and people making a real impact in their fields. Vote for GoodRx in the 2019 Webby Awards! At GoodRx, our mission is to help… Read More

Lawmakers in D.C. may be working on bills to curb skyrocketing drug prices, but prices continue to move up. This March, manufacturer Gilead increased list prices for all of their drugs—including Truvada for PrEP—by practically 5%. Unfortunately, the price hikes don’t stop there. List prices for the popular drugs, Belviq, Belviq XR, and Banzel (made… Read More

If you believe the best way to pay for your prescription is with health insurance, you’re hardly alone. After all, that’s why we have insurance in the first place—we expect it to cover our healthcare expenses. So when we get to the pharmacy, we show our insurance card, fork over the copay, and move along…. Read More

It’s hard to believe that just eight years ago, there was no simple way for Americans to comparison shop for healthcare. When it was time to fill a prescription, we stood at the pharmacy counter helpless, waiting for the pharmacist to tell us how much our medication would cost. We hoped for a reasonable price,… Read More

My favorite part of working for GoodRx is hearing directly from patients about how much we’re able to help them save—and what else they can afford because of it. Working in a pharmacy, you’ve seen this struggle: patients being forced to choose between important prescriptions and basic necessities like making rent on time, buying clothes… Read More

This past month, three new generic inhalers hit the market, and according to the GoodRx Index, patients are rapidly switching over to more affordable generics. The GoodRx Index also featured the following trends in the month of February: Flu season is raging on, and fills are elevated for Tamiflu and other antibiotics. Actimmune is still… Read More

Back in 2017, popular erectile dysfunction medication Viagra went generic, and since then, prices have dropped to as little as $4 per pill at some pharmacies. Viagra and its generic, , are two of the most popular drugs on the market today. Their popularity has led to thousands of bad jokes and hundreds of cheesy… Read More

Marie experienced her first migraine at 18. Take-home migraine drugs available today hadn’t been invented yet, so she would lie in bed for days, sometimes needing a shot from the doctor for the pain. When she was prescribed her first migraine medication in her thirties, she considered it a gift. Nowadays, medications like or can… Read More

GoodRx Helps stories often start with a single tweet, like this one: Emily, who we reached out to on Twitter, is a pediatric nurse in Omaha, Nebraska. The staff at her clinic often recommends GoodRx to patients who have trouble affording medications for their children. She says, “When we get calls from parents asking about… Read More